Philip van Haren named physician assistant of the year

November 6, 2023

Philip van Haren, physician assistant (PA) in Pediatrics at Radboud university medical center, has been nationally named ‘PA of the year’. Every year the Dutch Association of Physician Assistants (NAPA) awards this prestigious prize.

Philip van Haren, together with the other physician assistants in Pediatrics at Radboud University Medical Center, is committed to procedural comfort: how can we make healthcare procedures – such as a blood test or placing a catheter – as comfortable as possible for a child, so that care is optimal and is free of fear, coercion and pain.

The sedation team has a wide range of resources and methods for this purpose. Such as numbing cream, distraction and/or virtual reality. And through therapeutic communication; for example, don’t talk about sticks or needles, but use positive, helpful language. ‘Towards trauma-free care for children and adults!’, says Philip himself.


Philip is the point of contact for the sedation team at the Amalia Children’s Hospital, and one of the driving forces behind procedural comfort in the care of children at the Amalia Children’s Hospital. Through his enthusiasm and expertise he reaches many colleagues, including in the region. Including by providing education regarding work processes for procedural comfort.

Personal prize and appreciation for the entire team

Jan Peter Rake, medical director of Radboudumc Amalia children’s hospital, is very proud that Philip is ‘PA of the year’: ‘It is a personal award for all his merits and pioneering role as a PA. But I also see it as enormous appreciation to all PAs at the Radboudumc Amalia children’s hospital, who together play a very important role in the quality, integrality and continuity of our care. Every day again!’

The prize is therefore also a prize for the entire team of PAs who work hard for procedural comfort. ‘A strong group of professionals who improve care by connecting,’ says pediatrician Joris Fuijkschot.

About NAPA and ‘PA of the Year’

The Dutch Association of Physician Assistants (NAPA) is the professional association of and for physician assistants in the Netherlands. Every year, NAPA awards the title ‘PA of the Year’ to a PA in recognition of his/her exceptional performance(s) and/or excellent way of profiling as a PA. Colleagues, employers, NAPA members and patients could nominate candidates. The winner is determined 50/50 by a voting campaign and a professional jury.

Also read the message on the NAPA website

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