Price and quality of organic grain under pressure |

Price and quality of organic grain under pressure |
Price and quality of organic grain under pressure |

The mood on the organic grain market is declining. Due to a relatively large supply and a less demanding market, prices are under pressure. In addition, the quality of the grains is not equally good everywhere due to the changing growing season.

The following applies to almost all organic products: what is harvested before the rain is in itself of good quality, Agrifirm reports. The grains that have been threshed in time can still be sold to the human market, but for the rest, feed is the ultimate sales market. In addition, the storage season has just started and there are still many uncertainties in the (organic) grain market. The latter could cause prices to rise again, according to the cooperative.

In addition, the bad economic times play a role. “Most organic grains go to livestock farming. But there too the mood is less: we see that less concentrates are being purchased. Humane sales are also having a hard time, because consumers are keeping their hands tight. In times when there is less to spend, it is the organic products that are the first to sell,” says Jasper Brinks, organic arable farming specialist at Agrifirm.

Quality suffered due to rain

The harvest of winter barley at the end of June took place under good weather conditions, which meant that the quality and yield were good. After that, the harvest times became fewer, meaning that harvesting could only take place again in mid-August, Agrifirm said. Both yield and quality suffered significantly from the rainy period at the beginning of August. The average yield this year is therefore a lot lower than the average of previous years.

Most oats are harvested after the rainy period. This ensures that the oats have lost a lot of hectoliter weight and the beautiful, white color has changed into a gray color. Retaining color is crucial for grains used in muesli, for example.

High weed pressure

It was a very difficult year for all organic crops, says Brinks. “The weed pressure was also high. Because it remained wet for a long time, the growers could not get into the field to hoe.”

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