Taiwan charity donates fabric to support Guatemalan female entrepreneurs

Taiwan charity donates fabric to support Guatemalan female entrepreneurs
Taiwan charity donates fabric to support Guatemalan female entrepreneurs

Taipei, Nov. 7 (CNA) A Taiwan charity on Monday donated 888 rolls of fabric totaling 74 kilometers in length to Guatemala, in the hope of helping those participating in the “Improving Socioeconomic Conditions of Women Program” to start their own business.

On behalf of the Taiwanese charity — which has asked not to be named — Taiwan’s Ambassador to Guatemala Miguel Li-Jey Tsao (曹立傑) donated the fabric to Sara López, who leads the Secretariat of Social Works of the President’s Wife (SOSEP) , a Guatemalan organization that implements social programs to benefit children and women, according to the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Guatemala.

Tsao and López co-hosted the donation ceremony, the embassy added.

Tsao said the fabric was donated with the help of an American organization, the SimplyHelp Foundation, adding that this was the first time the Taiwanese charity had donated the fabric to Guatemala, but that it has a history of delivering the material to other Central American countries , as well as others in Eastern Europe and Africa.

López thanked the Taiwanese government for working with non-governmental organizations to provide Guatemala with the supplies.

She said Guatemalan children, women and the elderly continue to benefit from Taiwan’s support and that its donations will help social programs run by SOSEP to be implemented more smoothly.

Cándida Mariela Méndez, a representative of program participants, also thanked the Taiwanese government and the organizations for donating the fabric, adding that every roll of fabric gives those who may have missed out on educational opportunities the chance to build their own business, and that they , along with other program participants, now have hope for the future.

Meanwhile, Taiwan and Guatemala celebrated 90 years of diplomatic ties this year, and Tsao said Taiwan will continue to strengthen both governmental and nongovernmental cooperation with Guatemala and work to enhance the welfare of Guatemalans and Taiwanese.

Guatemala is one of 13 countries to maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan, with Belize the only other Central American country to do so, following Honduras’ decision to cut ties with Taiwan in March 2023.

(By Huang Ya-Shih and Bernadette Hsiao)


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