Suspect (42) of murder in Spaarnwoude recreational area in court today

Suspect (42) of murder in Spaarnwoude recreational area in court today
Suspect (42) of murder in Spaarnwoude recreational area in court today

Cetin K. (42) is in court today for the murder of his 35-year-old ex-girlfriend in the Spaarnwoude recreational area. On June 16, 2022, her body was found in the water there. She was allegedly found in a ditch and shot in the head. Her parents announced in an earlier hearing that they wanted to exercise their right to speak today.

On Wednesday, June 15, motorists from the A9 suddenly saw blue screens in broad daylight in the Spaarnwoude recreational area of ​​Velsen-Zuid. They also saw researchers walking around in white suits. It didn’t bode well.

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It later turned out that the police had found the dead body of a 35-year-old Amsterdam resident here. Her parents gave her reported missing the day before. A major search led to Spaarnwoude, where the woman was found.

A troubled past

According to the Public Prosecution Service (OM), the woman and the suspect would have had a ‘turbulent relationship with aggression and violence’. They were a couple, but their relationship was on the rocks. According to the Public Prosecution Service, K. would not have wanted to accept that.

The victim’s parents came up with a remarkable story about the former couple in an earlier preliminary hearing, writes the IJmuider Courant.

The woman is said to have told her parents on the telephone the night before her death that she was standing with her legs in the water, while the man could be heard in the background. The woman was later found in the water.


It would not even have been the first time that K. hurt his ex-girlfriend: a few months before her death, K. allegedly poured lighter fluid over her thighs and ignited it, causing her to suffer serious burns. That happened in Istanbul, Turkey, but he is not on trial for this today.

Today the public prosecutor will announce in court what punishment the Public Prosecution Service is demanding against the suspect.

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