2 northeasterly waves to bring cooler weather to north Taiwan | Taiwan News

2 northeasterly waves to bring cooler weather to north Taiwan | Taiwan News
2 northeasterly waves to bring cooler weather to north Taiwan | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Two waves of northeasterly winds will bring cooler weather to northern Taiwan at the start of the week and the weekend.

The first is expected to arrive at around noon on Monday (Nov. 6), bringing cooler and wetter weather to northern and eastern Taiwan for two days. While temperatures will climb again during mid-week, a second, more powerful wave of northeasterly winds is forecast to arrive on Friday (Nov. 10), bringing significantly colder, wetter conditions throughout the weekend to northern and northeastern Taiwan.

WeatherRisk meteorologist Ko Yu-ning (柯聿寧) on Facebook said although highs across the country could reach 30 C during the day on Monday, northeasterly winds will push south around noon, bringing cooler temperatures, cloudy skies, and increasing the odds of showers in the north and northeast.

Ko predicted that cloud cover in mountainous areas of central and southern Taiwan will also increase in the afternoon, bringing scattered showers. He also advised of increased winds in coastal and open areas.

Ko said this northeast monsoon is expected to continue into Tuesday (Nov. 7). Ko predicted eastern windward areas will still experience rain, although there will be a slight reduction in moisture, while rainfall in the northern inland areas will decrease.

Daytime high temperatures on Tuesday will be around 22-24 C. The cooling will be less noticeable in areas south of Miaoli, but the diurnal temperature differences will remain.

There is a chance of localized rain in the mountainous areas of central and southern Taiwan on Tuesday afternoon.

Ko said from Wednesday (Nov. 8) to Friday morning, the weather will stabilize, but diurnal temperature differences will increase and there is a possibility of localized fog or haze in the morning and evening. In addition, domestic pollutants might mix to form haze, so visibility conditions should be monitored when going outside.

On Friday morning, Ko forecast another wave of northeasterly winds will arrive at around noon. Ko predicted this wave would carry more moisture, bringing rain to northern and eastern Taiwan.

On Saturday (Nov. 11) and Sunday (Nov. 12), Ko predicted that the combination of the northeasterly winds and a cloud system from southern China would bring cold and rainy conditions to northern and northeastern Taiwan. Ko forecast sunny to partly cloudy skies over central and southern Taiwan.

From next Monday to Tuesday (Nov. 13-14), Ko said a cold air mass will move southward, while a cloud system from southern China will shift east. Ko forecast this will increase cloud cover over central and southern Taiwan and cause daytime highs to drop below 30 C, while the north will see highs of around 20 C.

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