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Almere City surprisingly won the away match against Sparta on Sunday afternoon. At Het Kasteel, Alex Pastoor’s team was too strong for the Rotterdam team with a score of 1-2.

It was already the fifth game in a row that the Almeers did not experience a defeat in the Premier League. With this second away win of the season, they rise to 9th place in the rankings.

Quick lead after a ricochet by goalkeeper Olij
In the first half, Almere City took the lead after 12 minutes through Thomas Robinet. The Frenchman took advantage of a huge blunder by Sparta goalkeeper Nick Olij, who released a simple cross from Royo from the left, after which Robinet was able to tap the ball in from close range: 0-1. It was his fourth goal of the season. Sparta was then unable to create great opportunities against a well-organized Almere. The home team was dangerous a number of times in the last fifteen minutes before half-time after crosses from the sides, but goalkeeper Nordin Bakker was able to easily block a header from Lauritsen and a shot from Neghli. So it was 0-1 at halftime at Het Kasteel.

City under pressure after the break
At the beginning of the 2nd half, Kornelius Hansen was dangerous for Sparta’s goal on behalf of the Almeerders, but goalkeeper Olij was able to save the day. Alex Pastoor’s formation then came under heavy pressure at Het Kasteel.


Spartan Arno Verschueren took advantage of miscommunication at the back of the Almeerders, had the ball in front of an empty goal, but then slipped. Sparta continued to increase the pressure in that phase and goalkeeper Nordin Bakker was busy making a number of excellent saves.

Kornelius Hansen rewards starting position with goal
Where Sparta failed to equalize, Almere surprisingly made it 0-2 fifteen minutes before the end. Kornelius Hansen was able to head in a measured cross from substitute Yoann Cathline. In this way, the young Norwegian rewarded his selection in the starting line-up (it was his starting debut in the Premier League).

A few minutes after his good assist, Frenchman Cathline had to abandon the fight again with a shoulder injury. The match seemed to be decided with a 0-2 score, but five minutes before the end, Sparta came back into the match through a goal from Kitolano: 1-2. Despite pressure in the final phase and a few precarious situations in their own sixteen, the Almeers were eventually able to get the second away win of the season. Match progress:

94. Past: City wins 1-2 in Rotterdam.

90. 4 minutes extra time

84. Goal Sparta: Kitalono scores the tying goal for the home team.

75. GOAL: Kornelius Hansen heads in the 0-2 on a pass from substitute Cathline.

72. Second substitution Almere:

71. Bakker can save a header from Sparta striker Lauritsen.

69. Hansen creates a chance for himself with a nice action, but his effort misses Sparta’s goal.

61. Substitution Almere: Cathline for Van la Parra.

59. A shot from distance from Brym goes wide. Sparta moves to Het Kasteel.

55. Sparta is dangerous again: Lauritsen’s shot goes just wide

53. Huge opportunity for Sparta: Verschueren benefits from miscommunication at Almere. He is able to tap the ball in front of an empty goal, but slips. How lucky for City.

52. Great opportunity for Premier League starting debutant Kornelius Hansen! He is played by Thomas Robinet and tests the goalkeeper, but he gets a hand behind it.

46. ​​The 2nd half has started in Rotterdam. One substitution at Sparta

45+1: It’s half time: 0-1

45. Just before half time, Sparta is still close to 1-1: Neghli suddenly shoots at goal ‘from the hip’ from outside the sixteen, but Bakker is able to prevent the effort at the expense of a corner.

39. Now Almere City looks dangerous again, but Hansen sees his effort blocked. Robinet then shoots ‘the falling ball’ high.

37. Once again the home team is dangerous, but Lauritsen’s header can easily be tapped over by Nordin Bakker.

32. Sparta is dangerous after a good attack: Van der Kust shoots just over the goal of City goalkeeper Nordin Bakker


12. GOAL: Almere City surprisingly takes the lead after a huge ricochet from Sparta goalkeeper Nick Olij, who releases a cross from Royo: the Frenchman Thomas Robinet is then there ‘like the chickens’ to score the 0-1 from close range .

1. The match has started at Het Kasteel.

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