Farmer Seeks Woman: Piet is on and Bernice dives into the bushes with Ype-Jacob

Farmer Seeks Woman: Piet is on and Bernice dives into the bushes with Ype-Jacob
Farmer Seeks Woman: Piet is on and Bernice dives into the bushes with Ype-Jacob

It is on! There is a courtship in Farmer Seeks Woman. The other four farmers also sort nicely for love. “I don’t have my eyes in my pocket…”

“Hereby.” With these solemn words, farmer Piet Jongsma (63, former Opsterlander) declared his love for Anke (66), who had sent him such a beautiful letter after she heard Piet’s call in Farmer seeks wife (BOD) had seen.

There was kissing and cuddling, because yes, you have to discover a bit whether it can be something. And now things are going well on the farm between Piet and Anke, the BZV viewers saw on Sunday evening. He once moved from Friesland to Germany, she from Germany to the Netherlands. And now they have found each other here and all they want to do is “feel, feel and feel.”

Piet still has to tell his other guest Gea, also a sweetheart, that she can go home (the cliffhanger). “But I want to be able to say it.”


At the other four BOD farms, the farmers and their dates also pre-sort for that all-decisive choice. Is great happiness here for the taking and what to do if you don’t get the jitters?

The Swedish-Frisian farmer Bernice Jellema (23) is getting better and better at the competition. “You get to know each other better. Now I’m not running away. I just sit there, I stay close.”

Hopla, she is already diving into the bushes with care farmer Ype-Jacob de Vries (23) from Oentsjerk. She finds pruning a nice garden chore. Cheerfully: “I can express my aggression in that.” Of course he helps with dragging branches, that’s what he’s willing to do with that splinter.


It is almost impossible to miss that Bernice will choose Ype-Jacob (oh Johan…). Watch them race together on the quad through the lovely Swedish landscape. First he sat on the back and on the way back she sat behind him on the buddy seat. Bernice: “He ran off like that. I thought that was nice to see.

The shuffling of languages ​​remains uncomfortable to watch. In the presence of the camera crew, the Frisian-speaking trio sometimes switches to Dutch because program maker KRO-NCRV could not follow it. At other times they speak Frisian to each other again.


In Normandy, farmer Claudia (57) dares to say out loud who she has the strongest feelings for: the Burgundian Brabander Paul (59). She has already seen stars in his eyes. And he “integrates so easily” into her group of friends.

Paul calls Claudia “a nice woman to be with” and that feeling gives him slight jitters in his body. But the matter is not yet lost for René (62), who occasionally tries a mischievous joke. Claudia has doubts again the next morning! “René is also nice.”

Mega farmer Richard (33) in Slovakia and livestock farmer Haico in Denmark also dare to use heavier artillery to win over people: the 1-on-1 conversation.


Richard: “I’m trying to pick up signals from the ladies.” Marijke (32) was standing very close to him when they flew the drone together over his vast fields. She: “It was very nice to be so close to him.”

Richard took a walk with Robin (33) and he was also “extremely curious” whether she was still voluntarily walking next to him. Both women can imagine life in Slovakia. But, says Robin: “There are still many steps in between.”


While Haico (43) carelessly stacks the straw suits for the winter, he dares to flirt left and right. “I don’t have my eyes in my pocket.”

The dairy farmer can talk well to Ellen (39, from Hallum) because she takes the lead so well. But he is certainly not insensitive to the charms of Jasmijn (26), although he is concerned about her jealousy. “I’m looking for someone I can trust. I don’t want to have to defend myself all the time. I have thought about that.”

Choose next week!

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