Mandel United wins after a great comeback (Wevelgem)

Mandel United wins after a great comeback (Wevelgem)
Mandel United wins after a great comeback (Wevelgem)

Second Division VV A Football

FC Gullegem – Mandel United

FC Gullegem controlled the home match against Mandel United until half time and took a 1-0 lead. However, Mandel United turned the match around and won 1-2.

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Today at 6:27 PM

FC Gullegem took the lead early in the match, when Kevin Henneuse scored after 20 minutes. After that it was a long wait for the next goal. Joppe Van Heuverzwyn equalized on behalf of Mandel United in the 75th minute. Jeremy Brogniez scored the decisive goal in the 79th minute. Mandel United thus turned the tables. This brought the final score to 1-2.

In the last five matches, FC Gullegem have won two, drawn once and lost twice, while Mandel United have two wins, one draw and two defeats. This was Mandel United’s third win by one goal.

FC Gullegem’s next match is against KSV Oudenaarde on Saturday, November 11 at 7:30 PM. Mandel United will play at home against SV Oostkamp on the same day at 8 p.m.

GOALS: 20′ Henneuse 1-0, 75′ Van Heuverzwyn 1-1, 79′ Brogniez 1-2.

YELLOW CARDS: 18′ Brogniez (Mandel United), 29′ Van De Wiele (FC Gullegem), 37′ Vanacker (Mandel United), 52′ Braekeveld (FC Gullegem), 78′ Prez (FC Gullegem), 86′ Chalikachvili (Mandel United).

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