KFC Doomkerke wins match against HO Oedelem (Beernem)

KFC Doomkerke wins match against HO Oedelem (Beernem)
KFC Doomkerke wins match against HO Oedelem (Beernem)

Third Provincial B West Flanders

KFC Doomkerke – HO Oedelem

KFC Doomkerke came out stronger in the home match against HO Oedelem on Sunday. HO Oedelem was unable to make up for a 3-1 halftime deficit in the second half. KFC Doomkerke won the game 4-3.

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The visiting team took the lead early in the match when Yanis Paret scored after 10 minutes. Gilles Taveirne leveled KFC Doomkerke in the 21st minute. Gert-Jan Vandeghinste gave the home team the lead in the 24th minute. Nick Beernaert passed the goalkeeper three minutes later and further increased the score for KFC Doomkerke. Angelo Vandenberghe reduced the deficit for HO Oedelem in the 55th minute. The equalizer was made just before the end when Sam Caron found the net for HO Oedelem. KFC Doomkerke goal to determine the match when Wesley Werbrouck scored the last goal of the match, in the 90th minute. A second yellow card in the 90th minute meant the end of the match for Laurens De Graeve of HO Oedelem.

In the last five matches, KFC Doomkerke has two wins and three losses, while HO Oedelem has one win, one draw and three losses. The defeat was the sixth defeat for HO Oedelem with a one-goal difference.

KFC Doomkerke’s next match is against VC Ichtegem on Sunday, November 12 at 3 p.m. HO Oedelem will play at home against VVC Beernem on the same day at 2:30 PM.

GOALS: 10′ Paret 0-1, 21′ Taveirne 1-1, 24′ Vandeghinste 2-1, 27′ Beernaert 3-1, 55′ Vandenberghe 3-2, 87′ Caron 3-3, 90′ Werbrouck 4-3 .

YELLOW CARDS: 15′ Vervisch (KFC Doomkerke), 35′ De Graeve (HO Oedelem), 80′ Schautteet (HO Oedelem).

RED CARD: 90′ De Graeve (HO Oedelem).

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