‘Young Sheldon’ season 7 has a big problem, and it’s not George’s death

‘Young Sheldon’ season 7 has a big problem, and it’s not George’s death
‘Young Sheldon’ season 7 has a big problem, and it’s not George’s death

Season 7 of ‘Young Sheldon’ has a lot to cover…

Although season 7 of Young Sheldon is likely to have trouble surrounding the death of George Sr., this isn’t the biggest problem the spin-off faces. It will be a big challenge to get the timeline to match The Big Bang Theory.

As most sitcom spinoffs have Young Sheldon a tendency to be loose with its predecessor’s timeline. In some cases, the spin-off may provide appropriate backstories for Sheldon, but important events are also ignored because they don’t fit the tone or plot of the series.

Death of George Sr

There is an important event that the spin-off will have to address soon. According to the events in The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon discovered that his father was having an affair before dying suddenly of a heart attack. Since George Sr. died when Sheldon was about thirteen, and the character in Young Sheldon is already thirteen, it’s only a matter of time before this has to happen.

While this seems like the biggest event for Season 7 to take into account, there is another storyline that is even more important to the spin-off’s success. The Coopers have only become more involved in Paige’s life over the years, making it increasingly strange that Sheldon doesn’t mention her in The Big Bang Theory.

Tragic ending

Although viewers know from the original series that Georgie and Mandy’s relationship is doomed, the fact is that The Big Bang Theory not talking about Paige at all is much more disturbing. The relationship between Sheldon and his rival has changed a lot over the seasons, but their story is not yet concluded.

The plot surrounding the two has become increasingly dark, but that doesn’t explain why Sheldon never mentions her in his later life. The spin-off isn’t afraid to tackle tragic storylines, so her story may not end well. And even a character as clumsy as Sheldon knows not to speak ill of the dead.

Multiple options

However, it is also possible that Paige simply gets her academic career back on track, making her Sheldon’s rival again. And we all know that Sheldon hates all his rivals, so that explains why he never talks about her. So it can go in several directions. Look at Young Sheldon on HBO Max.

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