Rain does not play in favor of Alicia Frank (12th): “It’s a shame, but this is just part of it” (Hove)

Rain does not play in favor of Alicia Frank (12th): “It’s a shame, but this is just part of it” (Hove)
Rain does not play in favor of Alicia Frank (12th): “It’s a shame, but this is just part of it” (Hove)


The circumstances played tricks on Alicia Franck from Essen: “But I did what I could.” — © BELGA

At the European Cyclocross Championships in Pontchâteau, France, Alicia Franck finished in 12th place among the women’s elite. The circumstances were not favorable to the rider from Essen, so she could also give her result a place. “A dry circuit would have been better,” Franck said.

“These were not really my favorite circumstances,” said Alicia Franck after the finish. “It’s a shame, but it’s just part of it. After a reasonable start, I quickly started to slide away. I waited a little too long to get a coarser tire profile. The long run was also not exactly in my favor. Although I did what I could.”

However, the Essense did not want to dramatize her bad day. “You naturally hope for more in a championship, but on the other hand, the circumstances were not in my favor. I wasn’t knocked back by bad luck either, so I can place it.”

Wilrijker Fabian Maes’s best compatriot among the juniors

Three regional riders took the start among the junior boys. With fifteenth place, Wilrijker Fabian Maes was the best compatriot. “I started from the sixth row, so I knew in advance that it would mainly come down to moving up many places. I succeeded well. Halfway through the race I moved up to twentieth place. And in the end I finished in the top fifteen.”

Hovenaar Mathias De Keersmaeker also just settled into the top 20. “My start was quite okay. Just like my entire match, by the way. I kept a similar pace the entire time and barely made any mistakes. I was also spared from bad luck. So I can look back on this match with a good feeling.”

Finally, Lennes Jacobs from Wuustwezel crossed the finish line in 33rd place. “After a good start I could no longer avoid fellow countryman Mats Vanden Eynde, who had just fallen in front of me. Due to that unfortunate contact, I got a flat tire. It took a while before I could reach the material station. After I finally managed to move up, my front tire was suddenly flat and I could start again. Too bad, because I had pretty good legs today.”

Niels Vandeputte achieved an impressive eighth place among the men’s elite. Sanne Laurijssen finished twentieth among the junior girls.

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