Top favorites have collective off-day, surprising Belgian (or not?) takes European gold for young Brit


We had a particularly tough Sunday at the European Championships in Pontchâteau, France. The final agreement was for the men. They were subjected to a heavy rain shower and ultimately a somewhat surprising winner. The jersey remains in the same hands.

Laurens Sweeck had the best start in Pontchâteau, France, but he did not get a gap and was soon caught up again. While it became clear that Thibau Nys was not having his best day – he would ultimately not reach the finish – another Belgian left quickly.

Outgoing champion Michael Vanthourenhout quickly got fifteen-twenty seconds, because it fell silent behind him. Cameron Mason turned out to be the best of the rest, but was never really able to follow in the footsteps of the European champion.

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He led the entire race and held his lead until the end. Mason finished second, in the background Lars van der Haar won the sprint for the third podium place from his compatriot Pim Ronhaar.

The jersey therefore remains in the hands of Vanthourenhout, who had peaked in this race. Iserbyt was the second Belgian in sixth place, ahead of Sweeck and Vandeputte.

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