Honda’s new electric scooter looks like a suitcase on wheels

Honda’s new electric scooter looks like a suitcase on wheels
Honda’s new electric scooter looks like a suitcase on wheels

Is it a travel suitcase? Is it an oversized internet modem? No, it’s the Motocompacto, Honda’s new electric e-scooter. It reaches speeds of ‘only’ 25 km/h, has a range of ‘only’ 19 kilometers, but fortunately it is also quite affordable.

The least you can say about the new Motocompacto, a model that lives up to its name, is that it has quite a unique appearance. Honda opted for a “white and blank canvas” that consumers can customize with stickers or skins. The scooter weighs a good 18 kilos and is foldable, so you are left with a white block after riding that is easy to store.

Ideal for apartment dwellers in the city, Honda suspects, and the maximum speed (25 km/h) and maximum driving range (19 kilometers) are also clearly tailored to the urban user. Many will hardly be able to drive back and forth to work with such a small range. Fortunately, the Motocompacto is fully charged in 3.5 hours and it has another strong asset: the price of just under 995 dollars is surprisingly affordable. We write the price in dollars because the Motocompacto is unfortunately not available in Belgium for the time being. The small Honda will be available for sale in the United States from this month.

Honda also tries to charm those who don’t live in the city but have to be there often with the Motocampacto. With its length of 75 centimeters, height of 55 centimeters high and depth of not even 10 centimeters, it fits in the trunk of most cars, which offers the possibility to easily park your car on the outskirts of the city and the last kilometer ( s) on the e-scooter. At a time when cities are increasingly trying to ban the car king, that philosophy is not far-fetched.

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