Finally a prize for our country: Bad luck decides epic mud clash between Belgians at European Championships


We had a particularly tough Sunday at the European Championships in Pontchâteau, France. Due to the stormy weather, all Saturday’s races were postponed for a day, so we had to battle the elements all day long. The same goes for the promises.

In the men’s junior series we finally had Belgian success at this European Championship in Pontchâteau, France. The Belgians immediately showed themselves to be among the better ones and we soon had a separation between the head of the race and the rest.

Jente Michels was the first to leave, just before halfway through the race he was joined by fellow countryman Emiel Verstrynge. Together they drove further and further away from the rest of the race, allowing them to decide among themselves who would take gold and who would win silver.

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A flat tire on the last lap at Verstrynge ultimately made the difference. Michels was able to immediately take fifteen seconds and that was the end of the race. Quite a nice one-two for the Belgians.

The Frenchman Lelandais was able to take the third podium spot, Huybs just fell short. With Van De Putte (5) and Lauryssen (9), two other Belgians finished in the top 10. We also saw three other Frenchmen in the top 10.

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