Liberals go to the voters as ‘Lierde RechtUit’, what in Prime Minister De Croo’s Brakel? (Lierde)

Liberals go to the voters as ‘Lierde RechtUit’, what in Prime Minister De Croo’s Brakel? (Lierde)
Liberals go to the voters as ‘Lierde RechtUit’, what in Prime Minister De Croo’s Brakel? (Lierde)

The Lierdse liberals. — © edp


Open VLD Lierde will go to the municipal elections of October 2024 under the name ‘Lierde RechtUit’. “Much more than just the start of a new phase,” says chairman Marc De Ville.

The Liberals in Lierde are therefore abandoning the national party name. “As proud residents of Lier, we have the right to adhere to the norms and values ​​that make our municipality special,” says De Ville. “As a party, we want to position ourselves as an advocate for everything that the people of Lier are entitled to and strongly believe in honesty and transparency. Open and transparent communication between government and residents is essential. In addition, we safeguard the right to live freely and make our own choices, within a safe, peaceful and tranquil living environment.”

The party says it wants to preserve the rural charm and identity of Lierde. “In our municipality, all residents have the right to health and well-being. We strive for positive developments, growth and care for a community in which everyone feels at home, including our youth and animals. We want to achieve a committed municipality by supporting the local economy and allowing it to flourish.”

Out in Lierde

“Lierde RechtUit recognizes the value of associations and events that bring people together and strengthen the local network,” says party leader Nina De Smet. “We want better support for youth work, elderly care and local initiatives, because these play a crucial role in the fabric of our community. With this name change we not only embrace a new identity, but we also confirm our commitment to the interests of Lierde and its residents. ‘Lierde RechtUit’ is ready to play a positive and proactive role in promoting a thriving, inclusive municipality.”

Open VLD Brakel?

More and more local Open VLD boards are changing their names and thus distancing themselves from the national flag under which they no longer think they can score. A reflection exercise is also underway among Liberal party members in the neighboring municipality of Brakel. New names have also emerged, but Open VLD Brakel leaves the final decision to Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, municipal councilor and title-bearing alderman in the municipality. His father, Herman De Croo, moved several legislatures to the Brakelaar under the DECROO list, instead of the former PVV.

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