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Since a day or so there has been a statement from the S on Instagramstudent Coalition NL Palestine resists. A number of pro Palestinian student clubs in the Netherlands work together in this. Chief among them is the organization Students for Justice in Palestine, the Dutch branch of Students for Justice in Palestine, an international organization that has spread from the United States to a number of countries. Palestinianism plays in the background BDS National Committee a guiding role. BDS stands for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions.

The statement begins thus (my translation from English):

“At dawn on Saturday, October 7, the Palestinian resistance in Gaza gave an astonishing response to the ongoing violence of Zionism and the Israeli immigrant colony. Using paragliders, the people of Gaza descended from every nook and cranny of the besieged strip of land into the settlements and military outposts of the occupying forces to fight their way out of the prison in which they have been held for the last seventeen years and showed the world that the Palestinian people will continue to fight until their final liberation and return.”

“They reminded the world that the colonized Palestinian people will resist oppression and occupation until the end. To those who seek to delegitimize their resistance, we say loud and clear: The Palestinian people have the unconditional right to defend themselves against and resist the racist and inhumane rule of the Israeli colonial project through immigrants, with the support of international law but also in the name of human decency and the desire for justice. From our position here in the Netherlands and the West, we have an ethical obligation to support and defend this right and to make our contribution on the road to liberation by fighting for a boycott of the Israeli occupation and for an end to Western complicity .”

This is illustrated with the silhouette of a man on a parachute.

The statement then continues. Prime Minister Rutte must be punished for “rushing to take Netanyahu’s side”. The hypocrisy of the West is being called out. After all, the soldiers of Ukraine are celebrated as heroes and those of Palestine are dismissed as terrorists. Therefore, the statement states, it is the duty of all students to organize a major grassroots movement to put an end to “Dutch and Western complicity in apartheid.”

At the end it says in large letters: “Glory to Gaza and all of Palestine for their daring and exemplary resistance. We will continue to stand in solidarity with you against the violent, ongoing oppression from the Zionist regime.”

We were all able to see what the brave paragliders achieved on that glorious October 7th. They caused a massacre at a dance festival. They massacred villages and settlements. They took the time to torture and rape. They had a festive pogrom.

This is celebrated as a great event in this declaration. This is the example to follow. The Dutch people and the West must therefore declare their solidarity.

Also note that the entire statement does not contain the word “Hamas.” In the eyes of the signatories, the seventh of October of the year 2023 remains gloriously linked to the struggle of the entire Palestinian people. It is inevitable that they want us to believe that this entire nation, without exception, is in the fight and takes an example from the paragliders from Gaza.

The Palestinians have nice friends in the Netherlands. They talk about delegitimizing the resistance, but if anything delegitimizes the resistance, it is the criminal killings of Hamas on October 7. Therefore, this statement will be grist to the mill of Israeli fanatics who want to bomb animals at outrance, until Gaza is nothing more than a smoking pile of rubble. After all, they have been claiming for years that Palestinians all cheer and clap when Jews are raped and murdered. The students of the statement could not have done a worse service to prove their case. You would almost think that their shoddy product came from some anti-Arab troll factory.

It is clear that no decent person will want anything to do with the students for justice in Palestine. They have shown who they are: students for murder, torture and rape in Palestine. The same applies to the other clubs that have linked their logo to the statement.

This is completely separate from any judgment about the justice of the Palestinian cause in general. It is good to realize that most Dutch people recognize the right of Israel to exist, while at the same time they believe that the Palestinians also have a point. The statement of the Students for Justice in Palestine is in no way representative of the opinion of students in the Netherlands or our people in general.

For the rest, I am of the opinion that the surcharge scandal should not disappear from public attention, nor should the affair surrounding Groningen natural gas.

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