HANDBALL. Sint-Truiden must leave autumn title to Eupen (Sint-Truiden)

HANDBALL. Sint-Truiden must leave autumn title to Eupen (Sint-Truiden)
HANDBALL. Sint-Truiden must leave autumn title to Eupen (Sint-Truiden)

Estelle Ghijsens from Sint-Truiden (archive image). — © Dick Demey

In the first national women’s handball event, Sint-Truiden lost the autumn title to Eupen. Hubo Handbal shares fourth place with Sprimont, while DHC Overpelt has to settle for ninth and penultimate place.

After the defeat in Eupen, Sint-Truiden had to put something right. Beyne became the victim. The people of Liège collided with a very eager Sint-Truiden, which already ran 4-20 in the first half. The Truiense ladies eventually won 14-42. Because Eupen also failed to make a difference against bottom-of-the-line DB Gent (51-13), the autumn title went to the East Cantons.

DHC Overpelt had a taste of it after victories against Ghent and Visé. They wanted to record a third win in a row against Sprimont, but that was against the wishes of the Walloon girls, who led 14-17 at half time. Immediately after the break, Sprimont doubled the bonus and a comeback by Overpelt was ruled out.(I )

Beyne 14 – Sint-Truiden 42

Halftime: 4-20.

SINT-TRUIDEN: Ghijsens 5, Fidalgo 3, Marteleur 5, Liesenborghs 2, Lamotte 4, Boiten 3, Hogenboom 9, Schepkens 6.

DHC Overpelt 24 – Sprimont 31

Halftime: 14-17.

DHC OVERPELT: Hermans 1, Cuyvers 2, Theuwissen 1, Gijbels 5, E. Noten 8, Kuppens 3, Driesen 1, Pellens 1, Loenders 2.

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