The most beautiful prom dresses from Margrethe, Sonja and Anne-Marie


Sustainability is currently a popular and important theme. The royals are also increasingly doing more to consciously interact with the world. For example, look at the Scandinavian queens. Margrethe, Sonja and Anne-Marie are very careful with their beautiful prom dresses.

Anyone who thought that the royals wear a new outfit for every occasion is wrong. Our own Máxima is a queen in rewearing and having clothes altered. In the north of Europe, the royal ladies also know what to do with it. The Danish sisters Margrethe, Anne-Marie and Benedkeek do not hesitate to wear one of their beautiful prom dresses again. Queen Sonja of Norway also shows us that a new outfit is not always necessary. Watch!

Queen Sonja

We start with Queen Sonja, wife of Norwegian King Harald. Bright colors are characteristic of her clothing choices. The 86-year-old queen knows how to reuse her prom dresses. Take the bright yellow dress for example, Sonja has had the design in her closet for years. During an incoming state visit in 2007, she already appeared with the gala dress. But Sonja also pulled out the design for the wedding of Swedish Prince Carl Philip and granddaughter Ingrid Alexandra’s eighteenth birthday.

During an official visit to Denmark earlier this year, Queen Sonja donned a green dress. The design is not new, in 2017 she also wore the dress during a gala dinner in Oslo. The banquet at the royal palace was held to celebrate her and her husband King Harald’s 80th birthdays.

A dress that has already found a place in Sonja’s suitcase several times is this yellow dress. The Queen paid tribute to the design for the 50th anniversary of the reign of Danish Queen Margrethe. About a year later, she reappeared with the prom dress. This time during the festivities surrounding the 50th anniversary of the reign of King Carl Gustaf of Sweden. Could she have thought about this?

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Queen Margrethe

We continue to Denmark. Queen Margrethe also knows how to recycle a prom dress. She doesn’t even shy away from showing off her dresses several times a year. Take a look!

This blue evening dress is without a doubt a favorite of the Danish queen. She wore the design during a dinner for her 50th anniversary in government and during the traditional New Year’s reception on January 1. Margrethe even had herself immortalized in the dress, because in an official photo she also shines in the velvety design.


Another dress that Queen Margrethe has worn several times is this floral design. She wore the dress during a festive evening in Tivoli and to the festivities surrounding the 50th anniversary of King Carl Gustaf’s reign.

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This red and white dress was worn twice this year by the 83-year-old queen. She appeared in the dress at a gala dinner in Sweden. Earlier this year, Margrethe received the Norwegian royal couple in Copenhagen, dressed in this evening dress.

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For the festivities surrounding her own reign anniversary, Queen Margrethe opts for a colorful evening dress. She thought the eighteenth birthday of her grandson Prince Christian was a great opportunity to wear the salmon pink dress again.

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Queen Anne-Marie

Queen Margrethe’s younger sister is Queen Anne-Marie. She was born a Danish princess but later married Constantine, the last king of Greece. Since the death of her husband earlier this year, 77-year-old Anne-Marie has not been behind the geraniums. In addition to being on holiday with her (grand)children, the former queen regularly appears during royal festivities.

A well-worn dress from Queen Anne-Marie does not have a bright color. The pastel-colored dress was pulled out of the closet for the wedding of her son Nikolai. A year later, the Greek former queen attends a wedding in Germany, where she wears the design again. The dress also came into the picture when King Harald and Queen Sonja celebrated their eightieth birthdays.

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Queen Anne-Marie will wear a dark red evening dress to her sister’s government anniversary in 2022. A year later we see the dress again, but this time during a gala dinner in Sweden. The banquet was held to celebrate King Carl Gustaf’s fifty years on the Swedish throne.

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This shiny blue gown is another favorite gala dress of Queen Anne-Marie. She wore the design to the eighteenth birthday of her great-nephew Prince Christian. But she also wore the dress during King Carl Gustaf’s 50th anniversary. The dress previously came into the picture when Anne-Marie and her sisters attended a ballet evening and awards ceremony.

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Image: ANP, Det Danske Kongehus, X.

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