Major search operation after car accident on the A4


Vlaardingen 05.11.2023 – In the bend of the A4, from the Benelux tunnel to Vlaardingen, a car flew out of the bend on Sunday night, November 5.

The vehicle then ended up in the bushes at the bottom of the Kethelplein junction.

The emergency services arrived en masse around 5 a.m. to provide assistance to the victims. However, no victims could be found when the police, fire brigade and ambulance arrived. All occupants seemed to have disappeared.

Because it was not clear whether any occupants were lying injured in the bushes a little further away, a major search operation was launched. Rescuers searched the spacious area in the bushes and further on at the junction. A police dog also searched the area, but could not find anyone. A little later, the fire brigade drone team arrived on site and the drone’s thermal imaging camera also searched the spacious area for heat sources. This also yielded no results. The emergency services searched for more than an hour, after which it was decided to stop because no one was found in the area.

The connecting road was closed for a long time for emergency services, the search and later the recovery of the car and cleaning of the road. The exact cause of the accident is not known. The police will continue to investigate the owner of the car and who drove it.

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