In conversation? None of it – NAV NIW

In conversation? None of it – NAV NIW
In conversation? None of it – NAV NIW

Dialogue is currently the magic word to get rid of evil. Poldering, how Dutch. Immediately after October 7, not raising the Israeli flag seemed to be our biggest problem, but now hatred of Jews is rampant through the streets. The hatred of Israel and Jews is manifest in the media, in politics, in public debate. And in social contacts: from the NRC-journalist who informs journalist Jigal Krant that he will burn his recipes to postpone the placement of stumbling blocks. Countless other examples, shamelessly thrown in your face. Even among friends, accusing ‘jamaars’ come flying at you. What dialogue, which cannot even be achieved among friends, can help against this loss of civilization?

And then the physical manhunts for Jews worldwide. From the barbaric students in the US who hunt Jewish fellow students on campuses to the bloodthirst of pogrom mobs in Dagestan who march to lynch passengers on a flight from Tel Aviv. Just as Hamas did on October 7, anti-Semites elsewhere want to kill random Jews with their own hands. Hamas glorification is never lacking.


Not even in the Netherlands. Every time there is a demonstration for Palestine – our virtuous leaders translate this as ‘sorrow that must be recognized’ – Hamas’s propaganda resounds. Not a word about the murders of Israelis, nor about Hamas’ destruction of Palestinian lives. Everything is the fault of ‘the occupier’ and in the name of decolonization, anti-Semitic incitement is taking place, based on disinformation and a delight in celebrating this momentum: the day when Jew-hatred is so dominantly active that it dictates all agendas.

It is not Dutch Jews who bomb Palestinian civilians, but it is Dutch Muslims who downplay the crimes of Hamas

Are these worthy dialogue partners? Those who adopt the ideals of the executioners? Who tolerate the flags of the Taliban and ISIS at their demonstrations and continue to bleat that Palestine must be cleansed from the river to the sea? Why, I ask, do Jews have to talk to people who mainly offer lies and disgust? The parties, usually representatives of ‘communities’ of Jews and Muslims, are anything but equal. Jews mourn pogroms, the party of the rioters on the streets (not exclusively for Muslims) tolerates the clamor for the destruction of Israel and ignores anti-Semitic expressions.

Jews go into hiding in silence, from the Muslim group (after all, the groups that administrators want at the table) come hate speech, vandalism, physical violence against Jews. No Jews take to the streets with slogans full of hatred against Palestinians or with orders to cleanse Palestine. The privilege to do this unhindered, based on anti-Semitism, is reserved for the other party. There is no proportionality between the intended dialogue groups in any respect.


Perhaps the most important difference: it is not Dutch Jews who bomb or cheer on Palestinian civilians, there is no celebration of the bloody retaliation, but it is Dutch Muslims who shout over the crimes of Hamas, downplay them, and exculpate ‘context’. and disrupt the mourning by cursing the victims as perpetrators. She take to the streets to promote the terrorist agenda. Unconsciously, out of sadness? There’s no excuse for that. There is no basis for dialogue in relationships that are so skewed that victims are called to account and then worked together with fellow travelers of Hamas to seek solutions.

In the salons where this pacification must take place, only people who mainly talk about feelings are invited, to avoid the elephant in the room. The history of multicultural coexistence shows that this is of no use to you. It has been happening for years, with obsequious respect, but it has not prevented Jews from having to endure more hatred and threats than ever from fellow countrymen.

Administrators must now leave the Jews alone. They must ensure that ‘the communities’ that threaten and incite are punished and restrained. No dialogue, but a strong message, warnings and legal prosecution of those who make Jewish life in the Netherlands unsafe. Only when this has been settled and deep apologies have been made to Jews can a dialogue begin.

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