Persistently changeable with a daily chance of showers

Persistently changeable with a daily chance of showers
Persistently changeable with a daily chance of showers

THE NETHERLANDS – The coming week will also be unsettled, meaning real autumn weather. Clouds, showers and dry periods will alternate, with the wind also playing an important role

Today, on Sunday, showers occur across the country, but during the afternoon it becomes dry in more and more places from the southwest and the sun sometimes breaks through. The maximum temperature is around 12 degrees. The westerly wind is moderate to quite strong and strong near the sea, where it can even become stormy during the afternoon.

In the night to Monday the wind decreases in strength. In the morning it is quite cloudy and the coastal provinces in particular experience some showers. In the afternoon there are also some showers inland, but the sun also shines regularly in between. With a strong southwest wind it will be about 12 degrees.

Tuesday promises to be a fairly pleasant autumn day with cloudy fields, but also regular sunny moments. There will be some showers, but they will be fewer in number than the previous days. The afternoon temperature averages 11 degrees and a moderate to fairly strong west to southwest wind blows.

Also Wednesday and Thursday the wind remains in a southwest corner, meaning that regular areas with rain or showers can easily reach our country. In between there are certainly dry periods in which the sun can occasionally break through. The temperature during the day reaches 11 degrees. During the nights the mercury is around 7 degrees.

Friday and in it weekend the wind seems to be decreasing in strength and therefore the chance of showers is also reduced. There could well be a friendly and mild autumn day.

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