Beringen – Nostalgia is the trump card in seventies rock from 10CC

Beringen – Nostalgia is the trump card in seventies rock from 10CC
Beringen – Nostalgia is the trump card in seventies rock from 10CC

It Beringen Casino was fully ahead last night 10CC, the legendary British band who scored several world hits in the 1970s. The songs from your teenage years remain forever etched in our brains and that is no different for me. So a lot of gray hair on stage and in the audience.
I always go to concerts of idols from my youth with some suspicion. It is often disappointing and so-called tours under buzzing names such as ‘The Ultimate Greatest Hits Tour’ are often nothing more than a cash cow to supplement the pension coffers of old musicians. The fire and passion of rock and roll is usually missing from the stage. I even fell asleep at a Rolling Stones concert once. So I entered the Beringen Casino with not too high expectations.

And for a moment the same scenario threatened. The band started their set slowly and uninspired. The audience also slumped expectantly in the red plush seats. But slowly but surely it goes towards a climax when the real big hits are presented. ‘The Wall Street Shuffle’, ‘Silly Love’ and especially ‘I’m not in love’ makes the audience sit up for the first time and then Graham Gouldman and his mates come to life. Fortunately, in the meantime there was youngster Iain Hornal who completes the atmosphere of 10CC from the glory years with his high voice. The typical seventies rock with a touch of rock opera is completely revived in the Casino. With the world hit ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ you also saw the passion and fire in Graham, who had previously been modest on stage. As encore we get a beautiful a cappella version of Donna, their first world hit from 1973 and the swinging Rubber Bullits. The audience is very enthusiastic. A standing ovation follows. An evening of nostalgia ends in the cafeteria with a lot of Duvel. (Hans Put)
Watch another performance at Avro’s Toppop via this link.

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