“Having your own home will always be possible”


This week the new season of ‘Huis Gemaak’ started on VTM. For the first time, I do not draw the designs myself on television, but I judge and coach the six couples who have embarked on this renovation adventure. An adventure that can also give a lot of inspiration to those who do not participate in the program.

Having your own home… It remains a dream of so many! And if you can win one, by doing all the hard work yourself, then it is certainly worth the gamble to throw yourself completely into this adventure. Home Made inspires and shows how much you can learn and realize as a couple if you really put your mind to it!

But as I write this text, I hear on the news that the construction sector is in complete disarray. New construction seems to be coming to a standstill, and the renovation sector is also experiencing a decline. The large increase in building materials and labor costs in recent years, together with the rise in interest rates, causes a huge difference in the cost of a residential project. I don’t have a crystal ball, and I can’t estimate if and when construction prices and interest rates will drop or stabilize again. But I do know one thing. Those who are willing and able to roll up their sleeves still have that edge! Often a lack of knowledge and self-confidence is the biggest problem with taking the step.

Good for your budget

Skilled professionals are very important and you will always need them to carry out certain elements in your project. But by taking some things into your own hands and implementing them, you can get just a little further with your budget! I will give you some rules of thumb!

“Those who are willing and able to roll up their sleeves have an advantage”

1. Distinguish between necessary interventions that must be done immediately and cosmetic procedures that you can do in the long term. Some old houses look worse than they are. If the structure, roof and windows are still in good condition, and an older heating boiler can still last a few years, these are costs that you can spread over time. Spaces that you rarely visit, such as a storage room, a hall or guest rooms, can be left as they are for a while and only tackled after a few years.

2. Prepare your project well collect prices and quotes of as many parts as possible in your project in advance. This way you get a better idea of ​​where you will end up financially and you can intervene in a timely manner. Spending a little more time in your preparation provides more structure and overview and is much smarter than starting hastily.

3. Installing pipework for underfloor heating, ventilation or electricity is really doable with a little explanation or with a do-it-yourself kit. Research where you can take a short course or who you can contact to help you get started. Dare and just do it is the message!

4. Go looking for bargains and promotions. Many shops and chains have promotions not only during the well-known sales period of January and July, but also at other times of the year. A showroom model or end-of-series items are often just as beautiful but a lot cheaper!

5.Google you to death! Online you will find so much information, DIY videos, recommendations, promotions, inspiration, premiums, and so on. The internet is an immense source of information for a construction project. Even after an evening of googling, I can become a lot wiser about a certain subject. Being eager to learn will help you enormously with your actual renovation project!

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