Proximus increases rates – DataNews

Proximus increases rates – DataNews
Proximus increases rates – DataNews

Proximus will increase the prices of various subscriptions on January 1. The telecom operator says inflation continues to put pressure on its costs. The last price increase only dates from July.

Just like in July, Proximus is increasing the price of the popular Flex packs, which bundle internet, television and a mobile subscription, by 3 euros per month. In exchange, those customers do receive some extra mobile data. Individual internet subscriptions will be 2 to 3 euros more expensive, depending on the product. The most expensive subscription, Maxi Fiber, gets higher speed.

This time, Proximus is not sparing the cheapest entry-level subscription for fixed internet, Internet Essential. This formula increases in price from 25 to 28 euros per month. The operator points out that new legislation will allow a larger group of customers to subscribe to a basic offer at the social rate of 19 euros from March.

Proximus also makes the TV options more expensive. The Pickx Mix bundle, including a number of extra channels and a catalog of programs on demand, will cost 12.99 euros per month from January 1 instead of 10.99 euros. The sports option Pickx Sports, including Belgian football, will go from 16.99 euros to 18.99 euros.

Proximus is also phasing out a number of old subscription formulas to keep its portfolio clear. Just over 1 percent of internet customers receive a letter with a proposal to switch to a subscription from the current offer. According to Proximus, this can lead to a price increase, but sometimes the price remains the same or it turns out that the customer would be better off taking a cheaper product with, for example, lower speed or less volume included.

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