Proximus increases prices for bundles and television viewing


Proximus is introducing another price increase. The last time it raised prices was in July.

The last time Proximus raised its prices was in July. The prices of the Flex packs, which give you internet, television and mobile telephony in one package, were also increased by three euros. Individual internet subscriptions are also seeing a price increase: depending on the subscription, it will be 2 to 3 euros more expensive per month.

However, this is not just a simple price increase: Proximus is helping its customers by offering them more mobile data. Customers who purchase the most expensive Maxi Fiber subscription will also receive faster internet.

Not only the Proximus bundles are becoming more expensive, but watching TV is also becoming slightly more expensive. At least: that is the case if you purchase the Pickx Mix bundle from Proximus. This will be two euros more expensive and will cost €12.99 from January 1. Watching sports via Pickx Sports will also be slightly more expensive, and will cost €18.99.

Cheap subscriptions, such as Internet Essential, also change in price. From now on, that internet subscription will cost €28. The internet subscription therefore received the Flex treatment: three euros more expensive than before. Proximus points out that customers will soon be able to use a cheaper internet subscription. Thanks to new legislation, this will come from March and will cost €19 per month. This rate applies to people who also qualify for the social energy rate.

Proximus cites inflation, together with all the costs that come with it, as the reason for the price increases.

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