This way you can safely burn candles in your home


When it is dark in the evening and the curtains are closed, many households turn on the candles. It gives some extra atmosphere in the dark days. But how can you safely burn a candle in your home?

Burning candles is actually not that healthy

Although candles create a cozy atmosphere, it is actually not very healthy. When burning, toxic substances such as particulate matter are released. This is not visible, but it is bad for your health. It is not that it will immediately make you ill. But long-term emissions can have an effect, according to research by the University of Copenhagen in 2017.

Burn candles in a ventilated area

It is recommended to burn candles in a well-ventilated area. For example, make sure that the (mechanical) ventilation is on when you light it. Open ventilation grilles, that is always a good thing anyway. Even when it’s cold.

Find the right place to burn

Do not place candles in a draft. This not only ensures that they burn less nicely, but also causes smoke or drips. The smoke is also bad for your health. If the candle is near something else, it will leave a black spot due to the smoke.

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Tips for burning candles safely

Only burn candles if you are present. Also pay attention to your (grand)children and pets when they are nearby. Place pillar candles and candlesticks on a stable surface and leave space around them. So do not place them near curtains or other items that easily catch fire. Do not place candles right next to a heater. The heat can soften and bend them. This can also happen in summer at high temperatures in the house. Above 28 degrees it deforms.

When you light a candle for the first time, it is advisable to let it burn for 2 hours. This prevents a so-called tunnel from being created. But never let it burn for more than 4 hours. The longer it burns, the bigger the flame becomes. This can cause it to smoke and cause soot formation. If you have a variant that is in a glass, the glass may become too warm. And anyone who uses scented candles does not want to have an overdose of scents in their home.

Don’t leave the wick too long either, make sure it is a maximum of 0.5 to 1 centimeter long. Then the candle will burn better, but it will also smoke less. And that in turn results in less particulate matter and soot. Extinguish a candle if the flame is too high or if the wick has become too short.

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Don’t do this: put a candle under a flower pot

In the autumn of 2022, many people are looking for an alternative to gas to heat the house. Gas prices have risen sharply because of the war in Ukraine. This provides a creative way of heating by placing tea lights and pillar candles under a flower pot. The fire brigade quickly advises against this because it is not safe.

If necessary, opt for battery-powered fake candles

What can also be found in more and more stores are fake candles on a battery or with a timer. These have a small (LED) light as a flame, which sometimes also moves. This way you still have cozy light in your home, but without the health disadvantages. It only takes batteries to ‘light’ them.

Fake candles, battery operated.

(Source: archive, Univé, Gouda candles, Brandt candles, Peace candles. Photos: Shutterstock)

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