“Did he really snap out of it?”

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Valentijn Driessen was surprised by the ‘news’ that regular guest Job Knoester would have joined us for the ‘last time’ last Monday. Today Inside. “Did he really cut out?” asks the football manager The Telegraph on Tuesday’s broadcast. It turns out (fortunately for the people who appreciate his contributions to the talk show) to be a joke, but Johan Derksen and Wilfred Genee do take advantage of the situation to make a few pointed comments about the lawyer.

“Let’s start with that man going to the hairdresser and buying a decent jacket,” says Derksen, dead serious. Genee then starts images of a climate protest where the lawyer was present and says: “You can’t include people like that in a broadcast anymore, that will go completely wrong.” Derksen continues: “I also have no interest in table guests who disagree with me.”

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