De Peiling: the Christmas balls can be removed from the attic, the Christmas season starts today!


Lights, Christmas baubles, Christmas wreaths and angel hair… The real Christmas lovers will get their Christmas decorations out of the attic today, because the Christmas season starts for them on November 1. Mariah Carey also kicks off the Christmas season today with a special video. Yet there are also a lot of people who think it is still too early for Christmas music, let alone a Christmas tree. What do you think?

The Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, traditionally posted one today video with a countdown clock. This time she was frozen in a block of ice, which she thawed out at exactly midnight. That was of course accompanied by a number of high notes that we are used to from the singer. The video was shared by many Christmas fanatics, who see this as the start of the Christmas season.

Saint Nicholas

But isn’t November 1 a bit early to start preparing for Christmas? Sinterklaas has not even arrived in the country yet, but many shopping centers are already full of Christmas decorations. Some are not happy with Carey’s video: “My god, are we going to start talking about Christmas again? For me it may take a while,” someone responds under her video.

Do you enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit now? Or is it really too early? Let us know!

The article is in Dutch

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