Three days after chaotic redemption, Orange short trackers still receive gold


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Watch the tumultuous race of the short track speedsters in Montreal here

The crazy relay final on Sunday at the World Cup in Montreal had a special ending for the Dutch short track speed skaters. Not South Korea, but the Dutch team appears to be the winner, reports the International Skating Union (ISU).

During the race, all four participating countries experienced falls. The skaters therefore mixed up quite a bit, causing complete chaos. It took more than half an hour afterwards for all racing incidents to be viewed and assessed.

Ultimately, South Korea won, ahead of the Netherlands and the US.

Race revisited

Now the ISU says that that result is incorrect. The footage of the race was re-examined after the Netherlands filed a protest. Of the 27 laps that were driven, upon closer inspection it appears that South Korea only completed 26. As a result, the Netherlands has now been declared the winner and South Korea has come second.

After the relay, Selma Poutsma already spoke about the “most chaotic relay in her career.”

Poutsma after silver medal: ‘Most chaotic relay in my career’

“Things happened at every point on the track, so at a certain point we didn’t know,” Poutsma said afterwards. She said that in the end, things happened that “really couldn’t have happened.”

The ISU regrets the situation and apologizes for the mistakes committed, especially towards the affected teams.

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