Hart Boven Hard and Swan encourage Saamo with action: “Hopefully decision will be reversed” (Denderleeuw)

Hart Boven Hard and Swan encourage Saamo with action: “Hopefully decision will be reversed” (Denderleeuw)
Hart Boven Hard and Swan encourage Saamo with action: “Hopefully decision will be reversed” (Denderleeuw)

Hart Boven Hard and Social Work Action Network set up a solidarity campaign for Saamo on Thursday evening. — ©Brent Saey


Hart Boven Hard and Social Work Action Network (Swan) organized a solidarity action for the town hall in Denderleeuw on Thursday evening. They want to encourage Saamo after the municipality stopped cooperation for the exploitation of meeting house De Palaver. The board has now decided to freeze the cancellation for three months.

Brent Saiy

Yesterday at 8:17 PM

Hart Boven Hard and Swan called on social media to come together in front of the town hall for a solidarity action. “We do not think it is possible that the cooperation between Saamo and the municipality has stopped,” says Tamara Laevaert van Swan. “The municipality needs a critical civil society to be able to tackle the poverty problems. Saamo is close to the people, they see the needs here. We therefore hope that the decision to terminate the collaboration will be reversed.”

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At Saamo they are happy with the action that puts their heart under the belt. On Wednesday there was another meeting on the agenda between the board of directors of Saamo and the college of mayor and aldermen. There it was decided to freeze the notice for three months. In this way it can be investigated where the partners can find each other in function of the inhabitants.

Moderately positive

“I am moderately positive after the consultation”, says director of Saamo Wouter Hennion. “We hope that the decision will be reversed. If that is not the case, we will continue to work in Denderleeuw. We are happy that discussions are underway. We hope for a good outcome and a new collaboration.”

“It is a pity that Saamo will no longer be there. We could go to De Palaver every Wednesday afternoon to make friends and play. We hope that Saamo stays”, say Elrick (10) and Abdallah (10). Saamo is also important for Chaymae (34). “I am also part of the Future Group. I don’t understand this decision. This is going to impact people. The municipality cannot just absorb the operation that Saamo has built up here for years.”

Reach out hand

Aldermen Andy Depetter (Groen) understands the solidarity campaign. “People feel affected by this decision. As a municipality we are not against construction work. It is a misconception that we would stop De Palaver. We have reached out to Saamo and a first step has been taken in the right direction to enter into a new covenant.”

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