Alan Wake is not dead


Finally, the fans are reunited with their hero. Alan Wake is back.

Alan Wake 2 is a single-player psychological survival horror game and the sequel to the original 2010 game Alan Wake. The game features two protagonists and two storylines.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake went missing in 2010. He was a bestseller writer based in New York City. While vacationing in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Alice Wake, he came face to face with a force of supernatural darkness. It brought Wake’s book, a horror story, to life. He battled this dark presence and managed to banish it back to where it came from, a nightmarish dark place hidden under a lake outside the town of Bright Falls. Wake wrote an ending to his horror story, freeing his wife from the darkness below the lake, only to become trapped there himself.

But Alan Wake is not dead, though he has often wished he was. For 13 years he has been a prisoner in the Dark Place, where his nightmares, his fears and his stories manifest around him as if it were reality. For 13 years he fought to stay sane and write a story that would allow him to change the reality around him so that he could escape. So far he has failed.

Saga Anderson

Saga Anderson is a veteran FBI agent with a reputation for solving impossible cases. She arrives in the small town of Bright Falls to investigate a series of ritual murders.

Anderson’s case turns into a nightmare when she discovers pages of a horror story begin to unravel around her, suggesting disturbing connections to Alan Wake, a writer who was reported missing in the area more than a decade ago.

Northwest Pacific

The majestic landscapes stretch across Washington State in the United States. Nature here is beautiful and rich, but there is something mysterious about the dark forests, wooded valleys and misty mountains. There are three different locations to explore in the Pacific Northwest region.

The quirky and idyllic town of Bright Falls is also home to the annual Deerfest. Nearby is the ramshackle town of Watery, founded by Finnish immigrants around the logging and fishing industry. Cauldron Lake, a lake outside of Bright Falls, is a standout landmark. It used to be a popular hiking destination, but since being shut down years ago by an obscure government agency, it has acquired a dark reputation.

The game is developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Epic Games Publishing. The game will be released for Xbox Series X|S on October 17, 2023.

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