De Witte gives deadline for new investors

De Witte gives deadline for new investors
De Witte gives deadline for new investors

AA Gent has had a great week. Thanks to the league victory against OH Leuven, the Buffalos are again fully competing for fourth place and the 1/8th finals were reached in the Conference League. And those good results can become an asset in the search for fresh capital.

After all, it became known about two weeks ago that Ghent has engaged a British firm to help in the search for new investors. It was even suggested that the club was completely for sale, but that was nuanced afterwards. In any case, it is clear that the Buffalos are quite in need of an external capital injection.

And a deadline has now also been set for this, says president Ivan De Witte in an extensive interview with The last news. Although the chairman does add that there is still a margin. “We hope to have a deal after this season, in June. But beware: that goal is not sacred. If we have not found the right party, it will take longer. We can take our time. AA Gent is not back against the wall,” he said.

In any case, they want to find the right investor to make the club play for the prizes again. This way, the ambitions remain high in the Ghelamco Arena. “The investment must be substantial enough to secure the future of the club. And I don’t mean to just stay in 1A. But to play a role again at the top of Belgian football, with regular outliers in the competition and Europe,” says De Witte.

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