Review | Pac-Man: World Re-Pac

Review | Pac-Man: World Re-Pac
Review | Pac-Man: World Re-Pac

23/9/22 19:14 | Stefan B. | PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One | 0 comments

  • Good Controls
  • Helps you on your way
  • Nicely designed

Who doesn’t know Pac-Man? And who has never played a game with the yellow monster in the lead role? Unless you’re still fairly young, you’ve probably at least heard of our glutton. Especially if you’re a ’90s kid or were born before that. The creature is best known for eating blocks on the screen and dodging the ghosts. The hungry animal could therefore be found in the arcade for the first time.

Fewer people, however, will have heard of Pac-Man: World, a 3D platformer that appeared on the PlayStation. In honor of its twentieth anniversary. That took place in the year 2000. However, this game has been remade in the form of Pac-Man: World Re-Pac and that’s what we’re going to look at now.

There is a story

This title is about freeing your family. They have been kidnapped by the Ghost Gang, led by Toc-Man. You do this by going through various levels and completing assignments. Several interesting and at times challenging levels follow. A very different approach than you are probably used to from the yellow hunger. However, the story doesn’t get much more depth than I’ve just described.

That’s actually not a bad thing, because it’s about crossing the various challenges. You soon have a good idea of ​​the controls, because they are explained very well at the beginning of the game. As a result, you never really feel like you don’t know exactly what to do.

The levels

The different levels are simple, but nicely designed. The way through the level is relatively easy to find. However, if you want to collect all the extras you sometimes have a nice quest. Think of collecting the six letters that together spell Pac-Man. These can be found in every level. As well as bonuses that are hidden behind a gate or fence, for which you need keys or other supplies. That means you can have fun playing each level for quite some time.

It also becomes more and more difficult as the game progresses to cross the levels. Roads are a little more difficult to find and more challenges lie ahead. For example, there are more and stronger enemies. In addition, you will encounter a boss at the end of every four levels. This is often not too difficult, but it does provide a good variety. All this makes it interesting to take on the adventure with the yellow grab.

Is everything perfect then?

Is everything perfect then? No, that’s not it. Sometimes your way from one platform to another is difficult to find. That is mainly due to the camera, so that sometimes things fall out of the picture. This makes it sometimes difficult to time your jump correctly. In addition, it is sometimes questionable whether there is another platform in the direction you are jumping to. This can be a bit frustrating, but I like to take that for granted against all the positive that can be called.


Pac-Man World Re-Pac is an entertaining platformer that clearly gets you started in the beginning. The levels are nicely designed and are full of (optional) challenges. However, don’t expect too much from the story, because it’s very simple. The controls are nice, but the camera can sometimes work against you, so you miss a platform or jump to a platform that isn’t there. However, that should not spoil the fun, because all in all this is a pleasant game to play.

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