Is the Belgian out in the cold this winter?

The media is currently talking about only one thing: energy prices that are soaring and bills that remain difficult for many to pay. The energy crisis and transition are becoming increasingly tangible. This is also apparent from the national heating survey that Daikin conducted among Belgian homeowners. A third is considering changing heating installations due to the rising energy bill. Two out of three even see it as a necessity to switch to renewable energy to keep this bill low. Going along with the energy transition has many advantages, although there is a need for support from the government. Is the Belgian ready for this? Or is the Belgian literally out in the cold this winter?

Today, Belgians still heat in a very traditional way, no less than 58% still own a gas boiler. Part of the explanation lies in the outdated housing stock. Four in five Belgian homeowners live in a home that is older than 15 years. Yet many Belgians see the importance of switching to renewable energy. 65% even consider it a necessity given the current economic situation. The Belgian is therefore clearly aware of the financial costs and the inevitable energy transition.

Degree lower to save

For months, Belgians have been concerned about galloping energy prices. Even though 82% attach great importance to the perfect indoor temperature, the survey results show that the trade-off between comfort and savings is indeed made. For example, no less than 70% of the respondents have adjusted the temperature in their home to lower their energy bill: the heating is turned off more often, is turned down or fewer rooms are brought up to temperature.

Is the Belgian out in the cold this winter?

Renewable energy, the solution

More sustainable heating and cooling offers the solution to maintain the desired temperature all year round, both in new-build homes and energetic renovations. Moreover, it is also a way to reduce energy costs. 41% of those who want to change their heating installation are considering switching to a heat pump.

More sustainable heating is the benchmark today. By choosing a Daikin heat pump you are no longer dependent on fossil fuels and the associated energy costs. A heat pump extracts 75% free energy from nature for the sun. Of course there is a price tag attached to the installation, but that is nothing compared to the return you get from it, emphasizes Roderik Desiere, Managing Director Daikin Belgium.

Is the Belgian out in the cold this winter?

Is the gap between rich and poor widening?

Belgians are aware that changes and investments are needed to make heating future-proof and, moreover, to cope with current and future challenges. The positive side of the story? Three out of five homeowners are convinced that technological innovations can solve current energy problems in the future. The downside? Four in five think that only those with a lot of money will succeed in following the energy transition and that the gap between rich and poor will widen as a result.

The results shed light on the great potential for sustainable heating solutions, but there is a need for information and support. Not everyone knows which sustainable heating solutions exist and which premiums are associated with them. For many, they even fall short to make the switch. In order to really bring the energy transition up to cruising speed, there is therefore not only a need for clear information about sustainable heating, but also for an extension of the premium system to get everyone on board, concludes Roderik Desiere.

Is the Belgian out in the cold this winter?

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