Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond make an appearance in FIFA 23

Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond make an appearance in FIFA 23
Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond make an appearance in FIFA 23

Fans of the popular Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso can now enjoy the show in a new way. EA Sports has officially announced via a trailer that FIFA 23 will be getting a crossover, which will make Ted Lasso, the character of Jason Sudeikis, and AFC Richmond playable in different modes.

The fictional football club can be used in Career Mode, Kickoff, Online Friendlies and Online Season. In addition, players will also have the opportunity to unlock various kits, Manager Items and more from AFC Richmond for FUT 23 and Pro Clubs.

On Tuesday, rumors surfaced that Ted Lasso and FIFA 23 have entered into a partnership. Then the Twitter channel posted a photo of Jason Sudeikis, who was busy with motion captureto which the EA Sports FIFA channel subsequently responded.

Ted Lasso actors enjoy FIFA 23 crossover

In a statement, Sudeikis said he was “very grateful” for all the great moments in his career and that he ranks an appearance in FIFA 23 as “one of the best”. For the actor and the rest of the cast, “it’s a dream come true.”

In addition to Ted Lasso, multiple players from the series are also playable in the game, for example, players can get started with Jamie Tartt, Roy Kent, Dani Rojas and Sam Obisanya. Brett Goldstein, the actor who plays Roy Kent, can’t wait to see himself in the game, despite CGI rumors circulating about him.

“It’s so cool to be in FIFA. It’s not going to help debunk the CGI rumours, but f*ck that, it’s worth it. I look forward to beating my nephew when I play as Roy Kent and he as Jamie Tartt. He’s going to be furious!”

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