Instagram ends nude photos in DMs

Nude images should eventually become a thing of the past on Instagram. The platform will scan images sent in Direct Messages (DMs) for characteristics of nude images.

Meta has finally seen the light and plans to introduce a feature that should keep nudes out of your DMs. Instagram would automatically scan the photos that are sent for features of nude photos. The company confirmed the option’s arrival against The Verge after the publication confronted Meta with images of the feature coming from

well-known developer and rumor spreader.

How the function will work exactly, remains unknown for the time being. In the screenshot of Paluzzi, we read that Instagram will use a ‘technology on your device’ to determine whether it is possibly a nude photo. Instagram will therefore not process the photos on its own servers, which should benefit the privacy of users. As soon as a nude photo is discovered, Instagram will automatically cover it. You will only get to see it if you choose to view the image yourself.

‘Early stage function’

It is certain that the function will come, but there is a good chance that the rollout is still delayed. Meta spokesperson Liz Fernandez told The Verge that the feature is at an early stage and that the company will share more details about the feature in a few weeks. Once Instagram has rolled out the feature, it will still be up to users to enable the feature on their devices. It is unknown whether the function will also be available on all devices, as Meta uses ‘technology on your device’ to make the function work.

Blocking nude images in Instagram’s DMs is an important step forward, especially when you consider that the current algorithm is incapable of filtering such unwanted images 90 percent of the time. That was the conclusion of the British Center for Countering Digital Hate – they investigated the consequences of nude images that are -particularly- sent to women.

The United Kingdom, meanwhile, is working on legislation to criminalize this phenomenon called cyberflashing. It is still unclear exactly how this legislation will work out and whether other countries will adopt this step.

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