‘Specs OnePlus 11 Pro leaked: 16 GB RAM and 100 watt fast charging’

The main specifications of the OnePlus 11 Pro are already on the street. According to OnLeaks, the phone will have up to 16 GB of RAM and will run on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset.

OnePlus’ 11 Pro will reportedly launch in China in December and then hit the international market in 2023. Nevertheless, rumor maker OnLeaks already managed to lay down a list of specifications of the high-end smartphone, 91Mobiles writes. The rumor spreader – with a generally very good track record – reports that the phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. That chipset is expected to be unveiled in November during Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit.

Specifications OnePlus 11 Pro

OnLeaks also says that the device will have a maximum of 16 GB of RAM, combined with 256 GB of storage memory. The basic model of the smartphone will probably be equipped with 8 GB working and 128 GB storage memory. OnePlus is rumored to opt for a 6.7-inch OLED screen with a QHD+ resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate. The OnePlus 10 Pro’s screen had similar specs; it is unknown whether the Chinese manufacturer simply uses the same screen.

The battery of the 11 Pro is said to have a 5,000 mAh capacity, according to the rumor. OPPO’s VOOC fast charging technology will also return this year, with a maximum charging speed of 100 watts. Interestingly, the charging speed may be slower than on the 10T, which can now charge at 150 watts. It is, however, faster than the charging technology of the 10 Pro, which stuck at 80 watts SuperVOOC.

As for the cameras of the OnePlus 11 Pro, OnLeaks claims that the main camera has a 50 MP resolution, while the second sensor is a 48 MP sensor with a wide-angle lens. There would also be a telephoto lens with a 32 MP resolution; it is not yet known how much optical zoom this camera has. Finally, the smartphone contains a 16 MP selfie camera.

Design has already leaked out

After OnLeaks previously detailed the design of the OnePlus 11 Pro, the picture is complete with the specifications of the smartphone. From the design it became known that the phone shows many similarities with the 10 Pro; the device does get a modified round camera module. With that, the rectangular design that we saw with the 10 Pro and 10T disappears.

Of course you have to take the rumors with some grains of salt. The launch is still pending until the end of 2023, which means that OnePlus still has time to fine-tune details and choose yet another design.

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