it might just happen

it might just happen
it might just happen

Apple TV+ has with Ted Lasso to an unbelievably great success. The series is winning prize after prize and is increasingly putting the streaming service on the map. Is the next step here and Jamie Tartt set foot in FIFA 23 soon?

A cryptic tweet from the Ted Lassoaccount seems to give that impression. Although it is mainly the reaction below that seems to drive gamers completely crazy.

Ted Lasso in FIFA 23?

A fictional character from a series on Apple TV+ in the biggest football game in the world: it just might become reality. Share on Twitter Ted Lasso a photo showing numerous Motion Capture cameras. These are the cameras that can turn a person into a digital character. A character for a CGI movie or a game, in other words.

The most striking thing about the tweet is the account that then responds to it. You might be expecting it, but it’s the EA Sports FIFA account. Something that gives the impression that the funny American Football coach could just be in FIFA 23.

The message comes nine days before FIFA 23 hits stores. Given the response, the impression that Ted Lasso is in a video game and the release date, it seems almost impossible. A video on YouTube seems to confirm it. In it we see AFC Richmond and Ted Lasso in the game.

What exactly does the collaboration look like?

There are many questions that immediately come up when you see the tweets and the video. How exactly do the characters become playable? For example, is this only in friendlies or are they also in different game modes like Ultimate Team and Career?

you have no idea who Ted Lasso If it is at all, then it is possible to get acquainted with the football coach in advance. The comedy series’ first two seasons are available to stream in full on Apple TV+ right now.

And where exactly is that third season? We’ll tell you that in the article below:

War, money and perfectionism: Ted Lasso season 3 is delayed

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