Lapierre brings new Prorace mountain bike on the market

Lapierre brings new Prorace mountain bike on the market
Lapierre brings new Prorace mountain bike on the market

Lapierre has presented a new version of the Prorace hardtail mountain bike. The frame, which they claim has been completely redesigned, has the stiffness, responsiveness and light weight of a hardtail, with the comfort of a full-suspension mountain bike, according to Lapierre.

In the further development of the Prorace, the focus was on four points: low weight, comfort, geometry and performance. The low weight was central to the development of the new frame, partly because it also benefits the reactivity of the bicycle. The frame is built with a different construction of the carbon, which according to Lapierre leads to a better ratio of weight and stiffness.

The SAT system (shock absorbtion technology) that the previous Prorace was equipped with has been replaced by the 3D tubular concept, known from Lapierre’s road bicycles. This involves mounting the seatstays on the top tube instead of the seat tube, so that forces from vibrations and shocks are better distributed across the frame instead of going directly into the seat tube. The 3D tubular concept improves the comfort of the mountain bike, but also saves weight compared to the SAT system.

Lapierre’s 3D tubular concept – photo: Lapierre

The new Prorace CF, as the frame is called in full, is made of Torayca carbon. Thanks to these new fibers it is possible to better optimize the thickness of the tubes and save weight. Lapierre calls this technology UD SLI and they label it as the best carbon they use. The use of UD SLI has resulted in weight savings and improved comfort for the Prorace.

Without making any extreme changes, the geometry of the Prorace has been changed to become more of a racer. Changes have been made to the chainstay, top tube, headset and seat tube. In addition, the angle of the seat post has been changed, as well as that of the headset.

The Lapierre Prorace will be available in five different configurations, with the Prorace CF 5.9 as the entry-level model and the Prorace CF 9.9 as the top-of-the-line model.

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