You can edit a tweet for half an hour later

You can edit a tweet for half an hour later
You can edit a tweet for half an hour later

Twitter is coming after years of begging from its users with an edit button, but it is not indefinitely tenable. You can edit a tweet for half an hour, after that the only option is delete if you want to get rid of a tweet.

Edit Tweets

The idea of ​​editing tweets is mainly to remove spelling mistakes, for example, but to ensure that old discussions are not influenced afterwards, you can only remove those spelling mistakes half an hour after posting the tweet. Or you can indeed choose to edit the entire text, but that never goes unnoticed: people can always view the history of your edited tweet.

It also states that a tweet has been edited. That is so honest and open. As a result, an edit button is actually a completely different tool than you might think. That way it stays fair. Twitter itself has never been a big fan of such an editing option, precisely because it doesn’t want any history to be rewritten.

By opting for half an hour, it has found a good balance in this, although discussions on Twitter can sometimes get very fast. There is one more caveat. You are also not allowed to change your tweet forever within that half hour: you can make an adjustment five times, but that’s it.

Twitter Blue

The edit button is currently being tested with a handful of users, but it will soon be available to all Twitter Blue users. This is the subscription form of the social medium that gives you access to extra options for a fixed amount per month. At the moment, however, that subscription is not yet available in the Netherlands or Belgium. So we have to wait a little longer before we can adjust tweets ourselves.

No problem: Twitter uses this test period, among other things, to check whether that half hour is a good duration and whether 5 times is too much or too little. Only when that has been perfected to perfection, hopefully more people will be able to use it.



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