Android 13 adds novelties to Android Enterprise

Android 13 adds novelties to Android Enterprise
Android 13 adds novelties to Android Enterprise

With Android 13, IT administrators will be able to better manage the company’s business devices. This is ensured by some new features in Android Enterprise.

Android Enterprise gets new features in Android 13. That should make managing corporate devices easier for IT administrators.

For the organization

The Android Management API gets a major improvement. It will be possible to personalize the profile in a simple way to every employee.

Devices that support Near-field communication (NFC) will soon be able to use it through the business account as well. Organizations benefit from this when working with digital access cards or a printer that supports the technology.

Finally, security is also considered. Administrators can access security logs for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and password activities. If the device is completely lost, Lost Mode can provide assistance, a feature that allows administrators to shut down and locate the device remotely.

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For the employee

The employee can then better separate personal use and business use. If they choose to open an app on the personal account, no data from this activity will be forwarded to the business profile. Along the same lines, employees can choose to keep work account photos in a separate folder, without interfering with the personal albums.

Surfing on the company internet will therefore be possible without sharing data. With Stay Private no information will be exchanged if the employee works on his private account.

Furthermore, employees gain more insight into what matters the company monitors. They can view in a central hub which policies have been imposed on the device and which data the device shares with administrators.

Finally, introduce new integrations between Phone Hub and Android and ChromeOS. Employees can share their information across different devices.

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