Specs and design of high-end Arc Alchemist cards officially revealed

Intel has announced the specifications of the upcoming trio of Alchemist video cards that will be launched soon. The A580, A750 and A770 use the ACM-G10 die. For the top model, this is fully deployed, with 32 Xe cores and a 256-bit memory bus. There is 8 or 16 gigabytes of ram available and the TDP is 225 watts, with a clock speed of 2.1 gigahertz. This model should outperform the 3060 Ti and come in at between $350 and $400.

Below is the A750 with 28 Xe cores, 8GB of memory via the same bus width and a clock speed of 2.05 gigahertz, while the TDP also remains the same. The A580 gets 24 cores at 1.7GHz and the same memory configuration, with a TDP of 175W. This model should come on the market between $200 and $300 and, thanks to better ray tracing, Xe-super sampling and AV1 support, is a more attractive alternative to the slightly slower 6500 XT.

The Arc 7 cards will launch later this month, with the A580 later this quarter. There will be a reference design and Intel will also release its own cards, which should be available worldwide. Custom designs from board partners can also be expected.

Note: Currently, the US dollar is worth nearly as much as the euro, but European prices will be affected by the prevailing exchange rate, duties, transportation costs and taxes.

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