Last-minute leak shows gigantic camera lenses from iPhone 14 Pro

Last-minute leak shows gigantic camera lenses from iPhone 14 Pro
Last-minute leak shows gigantic camera lenses from iPhone 14 Pro

If you want to know how good a camera is, you can often base yourself on the size of the lenses. It looks like the iPhone 14 Pro will have excellent cameras as expected. Photos of an iPhone 13 Pro in a case of the iPhone 14 Pro have surfaced. It is noticeable that the camera lenses of the iPhone 14 Pro are much larger.

These images of South Korean leaker Lanzuk were spotted by GSMArena (opens in new tab) on the blog platform Naver (opens in new tab). Two of the three larger lenses come as no surprise to us. We had already seen plenty of leaks about a new 48MP sensor for the main camera and an improved ultra-wide camera with 40% larger pixels. We haven’t heard anything about an upgrade to the telephoto camera, though, although this larger lens points to that.

(Image credit: Lanzuk)

So why the larger lens for the telephoto camera? There are three possibilities. One is that the lens will not actually be bigger and that the case is just fake or that it is a prototype.

Another possibility is that more changes are planned for the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera system. After all, we have no definitive information and can only base ourselves on leaks and rumours.

Finally, as GSMArena points out, it could be a design choice by Apple. Of course it looks nicer if the three lenses are all the same size and in recent years Apple has always opted for a symmetrical design.

Analysis: big cameras for everyone!

With these larger lenses, the iPhone 14 Pro follows the trend of Android smartphones. There we often see the strangest and increasingly larger camera blocks on the back. Whether it’s the number of cameras, larger sensors, or extra features, a large camera block is synonymous with a premium phone.

It’s a change that could also make the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max look slightly different from the back. Apple is still a long way from requiring half-back camera blocks like the Xiaomi 12s Ultra, but at this rate, it won’t be long.

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