mother has a message for people who complain about crying babies on the plane

mother has a message for people who complain about crying babies on the plane
mother has a message for people who complain about crying babies on the plane

We’ve all been annoyed by a screaming baby on an airplane. But once you’re sitting on your lap with such a little one, you know how annoying those angry looks and rolling eyes are. According to Lisa, who shares a clear message on TikTok, it could all be a little more friendly.

She is responding to a video in which someone – who is sitting next to a crying baby at the time – proposes child-free flights.

Crying baby on the plane

“There is nothing wrong with that idea in itself,” Lisa begins her TikTok video. “As a parent, I would like to have family-only flights so at least I don’t get nasty looks when I take my kids with me.” Yet she is disturbed by the video of the woman. “You decided to grab your phone and play the victim while also showing empathy and understanding.”

Empathy and kindness

Lisa understands the irritations best. “Yes, it’s awful to hear a baby screaming for three hours, but in public spaces, empathy and kindness go a long way,” she continues. “There are children in public spaces, and sometimes they cry. The child’s parents are probably more stressed about that than you are.” Finally, she gives the woman another tip: “Put on your headphones, act like an adult and don’t interfere with anyone else.”

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Different opinions

The fact that the subject is alive is apparent from the more than 11,000 comments under the video. And they are quite variable. Many people are in favor of the woman who proposes adult-only flights. “As a mother, I understand both sides of the story, someone writes. “When you pay hundreds of euros for a plane ticket, you don’t want to hear screaming children. I don’t blame her for that.” Another said: “She wasn’t rude and didn’t offend anyone. Not everyone likes kids and that’s okay.” Still, many people can relate to Lisa’s message. One of the comments reads: “I think sometimes adults forget that they were once that crying or screaming child themselves.”

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