‘Google Pixel tablet gets this high-end chipset, works as a smart display’

‘Google Pixel tablet gets this high-end chipset, works as a smart display’
‘Google Pixel tablet gets this high-end chipset, works as a smart display’

Google will equip its upcoming Pixel tablet with the first generation of its Tensor chipset, according to Android’s open-source code. The tablet continues without GPS or a 4G modem, which may indicate that it can also work as a smart display.

Google Pixel Tablet Rumors

This fall we still owe something from Google, because the brand is launching its Pixel 7 phones, among other things, but we also expect Google’s first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, and a tablet. Kuba Wojciechowski is a developer who shares information about the Pixel tablet chipset on Twitter. Google wants to equip the device with the first generation of its own Tensor processor. This is evident from several references in the code of Android (AOSP).

Tensor is the chipset that the company has already used in its Pixel 6 series and the Pixel 6a that was introduced this summer. With the arrival of the Pixel 7 series, the second generation of the processor is softened. Furthermore, Wojciechowski has also discovered that the device will appear without GPS or a 4G modem. That’s not surprising, because Google may want to sell the Pixel tablet both as a separate product and in combination with a speaker dock. In the latter case, you can use it as a smart display, similar to the Nest Hub.

Wojciechowski also notes that the tablet also lacks a lot of sensors that you would expect from a tablet. Think of a light sensor, a barometer and a proximity sensor. The reason for this is unknown. It is likely that the smart display will work with the Look and Talk function that Google released at its Google I/O event this year. The Nest Hub Max uses its camera and proximity sensor to detect that you are looking in its direction as you speak.

Launch in October?

Google is expected to announce its Pixel 7, the tablet and Pixel Watch in October. We expect that the Pixel 7 series will not come to the Netherlands and Belgium this year, but the upcoming tablet does have a better chance of appearing in our stores. Google has also sold its Nest Hub smart displays here in the past. Are you looking forward to the Pixel tablet? Let us know in the comments.

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