Forgot your password? How to reset passwords in Windows

There’s nothing more annoying than not remembering your PC’s password. Fortunately, you can always reset passwords in Windows. That’s how you work.

Passwords serve to secure our accounts. He who does not know the secret password will not enter; that’s how it should be anyway. Microsoft also relies, in combination with more modern biometric authentication techniques, on passwords to ensure that Windows devices are only used by the rightful owner.

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The biggest drawback to passwords, besides the fact that they can be cracked, is that you have to remember them. Because if you forget the password yourself, you will no longer be able to enter your own account.

What should you do if you can no longer use your PC because you forgot the password? The solution in Windows is to reset the password. This is done according to this step-by-step plan.

  • Set Password

    First, we’ll show you how to set a password for your Windows account. below Accounts > Login Options you will find the different ways to lock your PC after shutting down. You must set at least a password, but if your PC supports Windows Hello you can also use fingerprint or face unlock.

  • Reset Local Password

    From now on you will no longer be able to get past the login screen without a password. After a few failed login attempts, Microsoft will suggest you reset the password. If you have a local account, click reset Password on the login screen.

    You then have to answer a few security questions to prove that you are indeed the rightful owner, after which you can set a new password. The next time you start up your computer, log in with the new password. You can always change the password via the settings according to the procedure described in the previous step.

  • Microsoft account

    However, on many Windows devices, security is tied to the Microsoft account. If you’ve forgotten your Microsoft password, you can have a verification code sent to another email address or your phone number after a failed login attempt.

    Sign in with this code and set a new password for your Microsoft account. In case of problems, you can submit an account recovery request to Microsoft using this form.

Workaround: Restore factory settings

If the previous steps do not provide a solution, then there is no other option than to completely reset your PC. Hold down the shift key during startup to open the Windows boot menu. Now click on Restart > Troubleshooting > Reset this PC. Read in our guide what to look for when restoring your device to factory settings.

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So you will have to reset your PC from scratch. Data that you did not manage to back up in a timely manner is also permanently lost during this process. Forgetting a password can have serious consequences.

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