Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Review – Conclusion

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Review – Conclusion
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Review – Conclusion

You have already read it in our Galaxy Z Flip4 review and in other reviews it seems to emerge more and more often: the differences between the previous generation and this generation are small. In this case, that can mean two things: the lack of competition is a reason for Samsung to allow the changes between different device generations to be almost as small as with normal, non-folding devices, or the concept of folding devices has crystallized. Although we initially leaned towards the second option, we now think it’s more the lack of competition. The design still has plenty of snags, such as the fragile screen with the sharp fold and the hinge that cannot close completely flat. Chinese manufacturers show that this can be improved, but they do not release their phones in the Netherlands.

That does not mean that this is a bad device, on the contrary. The Fold4 is just like the Fold3, apart from the inner screen, a very sturdy device that can not only take a beating, but even a splash of water. The powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 makes the biggest difference. The Fold4 is a lot faster, has better image processing and is more energy efficient than the soc in the Fold3. This energy efficiency is mainly expressed in the fact that the device lasts a lot longer on a battery charge.

The cameras are also a big improvement compared to the Fold3. These have many similarities with the cameras of the Galaxy S22 and S22+. The photos therefore look a lot better and can keep up with those of other smartphones in the high-end segment. At least that applies to the main camera. If you want to zoom, there are better options. An extra big plus is if you want to take selfies. So by turning the unfolded device over and using the front screen as a viewfinder, you can shoot selfies with the main cameras on the back; that produces exceptionally beautiful pictures.

And now the question is whether this device is worth it. With a starting price of almost 1600 euros, we can imagine that the average smartphone user does not immediately run to the store to go for a foldable. Certainly if the differences with the approximately 400 euros cheaper Fold3 are not so great. If you value the better cameras, faster processor and longer software support, then the Fold4 is a good choice. For that money you not only get a sturdy waterproof device with a beautiful 120Hz OLED screen, one of the fastest smartphone OLEDs of the moment and a waterproof housing, but it also contains the same software as other high-end Samsung smartphones, with a number of handy extras for the folding screen and an equally excellent update promise. If you are satisfied with the specifications of the Fold3 and can do with a year less software support, because that device has been on the market for a year, then the Fold3 is still a good alternative. In both cases, it is true that with a Fold device you get a large heavy device, but you do get a large screen in return.

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