Microsoft Edge no longer starts after recent update

Microsoft’s recent update to Edge, with version number 105, sometimes causes the browser to not start at all. Removing registry keys can help.

Microsoft is not necessarily known for the stability of its updates. A recent Windows update even caused boot problems; just before that, another update already broke the ability to create Wi-Fi hotspots. Microsoft then released an update to fix this – that didn’t help either, and didn’t even seem to work. Microsoft had an unpleasant surprise in store for Edge users this past weekend. Microsoft Edge 105 does not start at all for some users.

Microsoft Edge won’t start

Microsoft released version 105 of the Edge browser on Thursday. Part of the update are some security optimizations, including improvements in the enhanced security mode. The browser update also introduced new group policies. The latter browser change may now cause Microsoft Edge to fail to start up for some users.

Reddit and the Microsoft Answers forum have been flooded over the past weekend with complaints about Edge’s startup problems. Bleepingcomputer reports that the problem is caused by the outdated MetricsReportingEnabled policy in the Windows Registry. This allowed users to set whether or not Edge was allowed to send usage and crash data to Microsoft. The policy became redundant with the arrival of Edge 89, but is still in the Windows Registry for many users.

Edge General Manager Sean Lyndersay has since confirmed via Twitter that Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. A new stable update for the browser should be released this week to fix the problem. Users who do not want to wait for the update can manually remove the MetricsReportingEnabled policy. According to Lyndersay, that measure is sufficient, and Edge will then start up again without any problems.

New Office sidebar

Microsoft also rolled out a new sidebar for Edge last week. With this, Microsoft wants to integrate its Office products more deeply into Edge and make it easier for Office users to multitask. For example, an e-mail can easily be sent or read from the sidebar, in addition to being able to view your agenda and schedule appointments from this bar.

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