Zoom supports encryption with its own keys

Zoom supports encryption with its own keys
Zoom supports encryption with its own keys

Zoom introduces Zoom Customer Managed Key. This feature enables encryption with privately held keys, which is a welcome addition, especially for highly regulated industries.

Zoom introduces Customer Managed Key (CMK). CMK gives organizations in tightly regulated industries the ability to encrypt data in the Zoom cloud with proprietary encryption keys. This mainly concerns data stored in the Zoom cloud and therefore inactive conversations, which are locked via end-to-end encryption. CMK supports the following:

  • Zoom Meetings recordings, including transcripts and instant messages
  • Recordings of Webinars
  • Zoom Phone Voicemails and Messages
  • Zoom Rooms Calendar Access Tokens
  • User Calendar Access Tokens
  • Access tokens for Microsoft Teams
  • Archiving of meetings and webinars

Paid solution

CMK immediately supports customers using the AWS Key Management Service. To start, administrators must be under the SecurityProvision Zoom Keys Tab. You can also get started with Zoom Global Services. CMK is a paid service that is part of Zoom’s security offering.

With its offer, the communication specialist mainly aims at a few specialized industries where unique security measures apply, such as healthcare and the financial sector. Compliancy is CMK’s most important asset.

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