Apple will probably give the AR/VR glasses this name

It’s one of Apple’s biggest public secrets: the VR/AR headset. We know this one is coming, just when is the biggest question. Now there seems to be a little more information about this highly anticipated gadget.

Will we all soon be walking with an AR/VR headset on our heads? If it’s up to Apple and other developers, yes. Several brands such as Oculus and Microsoft have their own copy and Apple is also working hard on it. The metaverse naturally plays an important role in this. If we start to live partly digitally, important gadgets are part of that.

Apple’s AR/VR headset

For years there have been reports that Apple is working on an AR/VR headset. As we are used to from the company itself, it keeps its jaws closed. However, here and there some news leaks from reliable sources and various rumor makers.

According to the rumors, Apple is not working on one, but on three different AR/VR headsets. According to Mark Gurman, these are still going through life with the code names N301, N602 and N421. According to him, the N301 is the first to be released. The N602 is cheaper and should be launched later. The N421 is a pair of AR glasses, for which no release date has yet been announced.

Work is being done here on the Apple AR/VR glasses. (Image: Mark Hoffman / OMT)

Reality Pro

The big question is what the real name is, and we seem to have a little more clarity about that now. Gurman writes in his Power On newsletter that it concerns the Reality Pro. We already know the term Pro from the iPhone, iPad, Mac and AirPods and it is indeed the more expensive model. With the N602, which comes later, it will simply become Reality.

It seems he has taken a good look at Apple itself. The company has registered various forms of Reality as trademarks. This also includes the names Reality Pro and Reality Processor. The latter can of course be used for the name of the chip.

Apple’s Board of Directors Has Already Seen AR/VR Headset (and That’s Good News)

Nice name of course, but we would prefer to see the AR-VR headset from Apple. We’ll have to wait a little longer for that. If we are to believe the reports, this is sometime in early January. However, the gadget does come with a hefty price tag. This could cost around $2000.

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